[oink] is a concept that is driven to provide the most sustainable and flavorful ingredients to the connecticut food scene. working with the state's community of chefs, farmers, and any business that supports [oink]'s vision is a pivotal part of what makes this pop up special. this will be a place where we as a community strive to create a more conscious restaurant scene. more conscious about what coined phrases such as "farm to table", "sustainability", or "fresh and organic" actually mean and the effort it takes to be 100% honest with our advertising.

[oink] is still young and is looking for real estate to be able to do more pop ups. stay tuned into [oink]'s social media on facebook (link) and instagram or twitter, @oinkchef


if you are interested in having us at your restaurant or even a place you'd like to see become a restaurant for a night, please contact us. we are open to all suggestions!