[weekend kitchen menu] - april 22, 2017

Back at Weekend Kitchen in Essex, CT for a night of Contemporary Regional Italian food... meaning actual Italian dishes with a modern twist on them. Nancy was on her game making the property, kitchen, dining room look magical as we set out to open people's minds about what is "Italian". Starting off with a tasting of cheeses, moving into pig head cappelletti with sauce trapanese, then a very traditional risotto made from ramps but topped with a non traditional ramp foam, our salad made from weeds which is bitter and served last, then lastly a cannoli that would make grandma shake her head but smile from deliciousness. We'll be back in a month!

[flavors of ct 2017 menu] - march 23, 2017

Our favorite fundraiser of the year! The American Liver Foundation was kind enough to invite us back again as we attempted to hold onto our "Best Overall Table Design" accolade for another year. We decided to have the theme "Recycling" and built our entire table design out of recycled goods, unused Black Hog cans, washed water bottles, and many more items people consider trash. We ended up taking home the award, "Best Something Out Of Nothing", which was very true! We were so honored to be selected as the chefs to cook for the keynote table and to have met such inspiring human beings this night. The food was outstanding with lamb tartare and duck hearts served with spelt scallion pancakes, red kuri squash curry soup, ribollita made from Walden Hill pork, and a lime panna cotta with graham cracker shortbread and toasted swiss meringue (a play on a key lime pie). [oink] teamed up with Caseus to help raise nearly $10k this year in charitable donations.

[solar youth menu] - august 14, 2016

We were fortunate enough to get hooked up with Solar Youth, a program which focuses on helping low income New Haven children to become involved with the environment and their community, through our friends at Walden Hill. We built a menu around the fact that 3 vegans were dining with us. Showcasing our love for vegetables we dropped our silky gazpacho, cured cucumbers with radish, a roasted fairytale eggplant with eggplant romesco, a tomato jam dessert, and the favorite of the night: pepper toast with corn "mayonnaise". We will continue to support this great cause to continue to help our community.


Our first trip out to Essex, CT where we were welcomed with warmth by Nancy Kirkles-Smith, owner of Weekend Kitchen - a boutique kitchen shop. The dinner took place at her house, an old 17th century farm house with a newly renovated kitchen, including a copper French cooking range. We decided to cook from the heart and from the soil to showcase edible weeds, wild ramps, and farmer's wintered over produce through a 9 course tasting. Still thinking about the ramp garganelle and the spaghetti tossed in bagna cauda.

[Ordinary: new haven menu] - MARCH 6TH, 2016

After a very successful late night pop up at Little River Restoratives - we thought it would be fun to visit our friends in New Haven. Ordinary is one of the best cocktail bars in the state and was one of the first places we worked at when moving back to CT. We're excited to do a Yakitori inspired menu featuring GourmAvian Farms chicken out of Voluntown, CT. But we have to give you some Walden Hill pork - so a belly lettuce wrap it is.

[ct chef takeover @ ribelle with matt wick and james wayman] - FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Shipping up to Boston... oh oh oh! Some of the most talented chefs of CT are headed to Boston's award winning Ribelle to take it over and cook with soul. We will be featuring Matt Wick of River Tavern in Chester, CT. A menu inspired by Italy, we intend on offending some Italian traditions... AND James Wayman of Oyster Club in Mystic, CT. If anyone knows what cooking with fresh seafood is like, it's James. Boston will love his 5 course seafood frenzy that showcases product from Stonington, CT and the CT shoreline.


Our first go at "Late Night"! A night designed for the restaurant industry to get out of work and still be able to make it to a kitchen that is open. This menu is inspired based on food we used to eat in Boston and NYC very late at night - it's cheap, it's delicious, and it goes really well with alcohol... 


We love Italian food, the ambiance of the small restaurants in Italy... Italy. As we start on our journey to opening a restaurant, we wanted to unveil what that is going to be.... il Arbitrario - translation: the Arbitrary. It is an arbitrary Italian word to say, "we want to cook Italian food." Be there as we make mozzarella to order, serve rustic pasta, and introduce one of our favorite desserts - affagato. 


All good things must come to an end. We had so much fun cooking brunch for New Haven and being a part of the Caseus family. The winner of this week - and maybe even the whole series, japanese sweet potato cooked in pork fat served with hollandaise, pork jowl, pickled red onions, and meyer lemon. Thanks again for all the support! We literally couldn't do it without you!


Another success! We cooked half of a Walden Hill pig and turned it into frittata, sausage, bacon, and loin with some cracklin. Black Hog supported us by supplying all the beer and we think there was some Fernet Branca that was getting passed around.... shhhh! Brunch is coming to a finish, one more to go!


The second brunch of the "Sunday Club" at Caseus did not fall short. Rye flour pancakes with bananas seemed to be a hit from the start with the rye flour being milled the day before by Farm to Hearth with an heirloom varietal grain named Abruzzi rye, currently being grown in CT! To follow up, los tres golpes brought guests to a Dominican diner for a dish with fried egg, fried cheese, and fried salami... yep. Definitely having fun cooking brunch.


Day 1 of the "Sunday Club" at Caseus. This brunch series kicked off 2016 with some flavor. The best part, there are more to come! 3 more brunches to give to CT at Caseus... this whole brunch thing is pretty fun.


Ever been to Caseus? When we were the chefs there we dreamt of that cute little location on the corner of Whitney and Trumbull to be the number one brunch hot spot in New Haven. Owner Jason Sobocinski was all ears and allowed us to make a dream into a reality. Successful from this date, born was the "Sunday Club" pop-up series and the first temporary home for [oink].


Located in Oxford, Black Hog describes itself as "good beer". And we agree. The Sobocinski brothers and Tyler Jones transformed their warehouse style brewery into a communal dining experience. To make it more interesting, why not cook a tasting out of Chief Brody's Banh Mi truck?


It's fun to have chef friends that are able to invite you in for a night and share the kitchen which is what Matt Wick did. We raided his walk-ins looking for items to be inspired by, and it was easy. Everything from local farms: dry aged beef, cured swordfish, japanese sweet potatoes, these are a few of our favorite things. Definitely looking forward to working with this talented chef soon.


Located in Branford, Medlyn's Farm is the last salt marsh farm on the CT shoreline. Jay Medlyn, a 4th generation farmer, opened his property up to us and allowed for us to feature a menu that highlighted the seasonality of summer and fall. The dinning room was set up inside the large woodshed while the kitchen was a single smoker from The Stand, a Branford BBQ coming attraction.


Every journey starts with a single step, and we decided to take that step on in early 2015 at Caseus. The 5 course tasting paired with wine, beer, and even some homemade kina-kina was a hit. It's funny to look back on now and see how few farmers and connections we had in CT, but we were still able to sell out and feed our smallest dinner yet, 22 guests!