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"Hutch" is not the typical chef story. A Brown University graduate with no cooking background found passion in kitchens while learning under some of the best chefs in Boston. Mary Dumont, Michael Schlow, Brian Reyelt, Gabrielle Bremmer, and Tim Maslow are not chefs to mess with, especially when it comes to straying from perfection. It was at Ribelle in Brookline, MA where he was shown a different perspective on food. Maslow taught him, while chef de cuisine, there are no boundaries when it comes to creativity, which earned the Ribelle team 4 out of 4 stars from the Boston Globe and also earned the team national recognition for being one of the top new restaurants in the country.

Craig learned that to be at the top of the culinary pyramid, you must set out to be different and innovative. Moving home to Bethany, CT seemed like the unlikely move. However, it's a New Haven market that is hungry for new, and [oink] has been welcomed with open arms. Jason Sobocinski (owner of Caseus, Black Hog Brewery, Ordinary, Mystic Cheese to say a few...) has guided Craig throughout opening a business and continues to be a mentor to [oink] and future endeavors. Craig recently finished a year of opening two restaurants: Dead Horse Hill in Worcester, MA and Gristmill in Brooklyn, NY.

alex lishchynsky


It makes sense "Nuevo" runs kitchens. His mom... chef. Step-Dad... chef. Brother... chef. Growing up in Pinehurst, NC Alex was introduced to a style that most New Englanders unfortunately miss out on, BBQ. His passion for cooking started at a young age, always tasting and watching his family cook meals that would take hours on hours to prepare. He discovered that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his family and move up to Boston where his brother was cooking, which he boldly dropped out of high school and did exactly that. Alex landed at a 4 star (Boston Globe) restaurant and began working his way through Michael Schlow's Radius. It was here he came across a novice cook (Hutchinson) and led the team as rounds cook at the age of 19. After a couple of years and a couple of restaurants, it was time for Alex to take his food to another level that Boston finds hard to compete with, and moved to NYC at the age of 22.

After working with Justin Smilie at Il Buco Alimentari and gaining a great 3 star NY Times review, Alex got a phone call from Hutchinson informing him that it was time to pursue [oink], a dream they shared for nearly 5 years now. He has also been able to work with Jason Sobocinski as Caseus' Executive Chef and has taken the kitchen to a whole new level from creativity to farm fresh ingredients. Feel free to ask Alex why you never want to bowl with his co-chef/business partner. He'll flash you a smile and tell you a fun story about two best friends and a vision for a new restaurant.

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caseus formagerie & bistro - new haven

ordinary - new haven

chief brody's bahn mi - everywhere

weekend kitchen - essex


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pam & alex hutchinson

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